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Kick-Off Partner Meeting

The Project’s kick-off meeting organized by Dr. Inken Heldt and Dr. phil. Norah Barongo-Muweke from the Leibniz  University Hannover (P1) took place in Hannover, Germany on March 22. and 23. 2016. Partners introduced themselves and got to know each other. Amongst other things, we discussed and familiarised ourselves with the project goals, objectives, deliverables and project indicators. Partners presented their outputs and discussed their roles. The consortium re-examined and revised the timeline and survey questionnaires which were prepared by Inken and Norah for professionals engaged in vocational education, VET trainees and experts in the subject area. The dissemination and evaluation processes were also discussed. In addition, details regarding the commencing partner meetings which are planned to take place in the different partner countries were discussed.

The kick-off as a productive meeting was successful in creating a common vision and a common understanding of the way forward for successfully implementing and reaching the projects’ goals and objectives.

PREDIS Second Partner Meeting


PREDIS’s second partner meeting took place at the Scientific Research Centre, (ZRC SAZU, novi trg 2) in Ljubljana, Slovenia during November 15-16, 2016. The main focus was on the contents of the Blended Learning Course and the Toolkit. The meeting provided an opportunity for dialogue amongst partners. Partners discussed the main results of their needs analysis and drew out the implications for the Blended Learning Course.  Accordingly, draft modules were presented, comprehensively discussed, evaluated and modified for the following content areas:

  • Strengthening the intercultural competencies of teachers and vocational educationists.
  • Empowerment strategies for migrant trainees to strengthen their key competencies.
  • New approaches for successful labour market integration.
  • New methods for a better transition into VET.

Building on this plaftform, the consortium is in the process of preparing the PREDIS toolkit and Blended Learning Course.

PREDIS Third Partner Meeting

During the third partner meeting on 20-21 March, Partners from five European countries visited and worked at the  Elina Matei Basarab, Technological Economic Highschool Rm Sarat which is a good practice example for preventing early school leaving amongst disadvantaged learners as a vocational training institution located right in the neighbourhood of Roma disadvantaged youngsters. Learners with a Roma background who graduate from this vocational training college find employment in their occupational fields.

VET trainers and teachers should become more familiar with the phenomenon Early Dropout from Vocational Education especially with its early warning signs. PREDIS develops a toolkit for a training program which works towards addressing this goal. During the Third Partner Meeting, consortium partners evaluated the six modules of the PREDIS toolkit and focussed on planning the Blended Learning Course (BLK).  In order for the  six modules to be applied, the project partners started  developing the Blended Learning Course in parallel with the toolkit, in order to harmonize both. The BLK consists of three phases. (1) In-crassroom training or presence phase (5 days); (2) Online phase (9 months);  (3) follow-up phase (3 days). The in-classroom training will start in July 2017 while the BLK starts in September 2017.


PREDIS Fourth Partner Meeting

The Fourth Partner Meeting for PREDIS took place in Trento, Italy from November 6th – 7th 2017. The topic was on the Blended Learning Course. Consortium partners examined the first total evaluation of the toolkit by teachers and elaborated concepts for further modification of the BLC. The evaluation framework was presented and strategies discussed. The Blended Learning Course which has already begun and the online platform were also highlighted.

PREDIS Fifth Partner Meeting

PREDIS had the fifth partner meeting in Vienna. The two main themes of the meeting were:

a) The evaluation of the Blended Learning Course

b) Design of the Forthcoming PREDIS Handbook.

The consortium reflected on the total evaluative feedback from participants of the Blended Learning Course and considered aspects to incorporate into the PREDIS Handbook.
The PREDIS Handbook will consist of six modules which handle six different themes around the topic of tackling early school leaving amongst disadvantaged migrant and Roma youths. The contents are also relevant for supporting otther disadvantaged learners. They have been carefully designed to strengthen the role of educationists, practitioners and key actors such as representatives of migrant organizations, youth workers, social pedagogics, curriculum developers and policy makers,etc.. The six themes are: (1) Theoretical background and structural paramters of migrants and Roma (2) Inclusion of Roma (3) Intercultural and conflict management competences (4) Empowerment (5) Methods for Labour Market Integration (6) Transition into Vocational Training.

The handbook will be available for free downloading on the PREDIS Website after September 2018. Also to be available for free downloading from the PREDIS website is the PREDIS toolkit which is a more comprehensive version than the handbook