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Internship, Training, Jobs and CV Elaboration

EU Skills Panorama

The EU Skills Panorama provides access to information on skills per sector



Ploteus provides information on training opportunities and qualification across Europe, which mirror European and national framework. The website enables direct comparison of national frameworks which supports assessments of  mobility for career guidance. 



EURES provides information on professional mobility, and job advertisings, developing EU CV, access to career advisers



Europass provides a template for developing  CV


Recognition and Validation

The European Qualifications Framework (Eqf)

The EQT is a key link to have in the career guidance portfolio. The EQF provides centralized information on institutions mandated for official recognition of qualifications and diplomas as well as validation of non-formal and informal learning.


For further reading and links to EQF Source, see European Commissions’ Website on Learning Opportunities in Europe:



The EUROPASS aims at making non-formal and informal learning (such as personal abilities, qualifications and competences) visible and communicable to bearers and employers in an effective way. Europass thereby involves five transparent documents. Curriculum vitae, Language Passport, Euro pass Mobility, Certificate Supplement, Diploma Supplement. The online tool is designed to:

General Information On European Vocational Edcation and Training, Policies and Reports

Here you will find links to sites that will provide you with important information about ESL and VET. This place will be constantly updated with new information. Ensure to visit often.

To know more about VET in Europe, view the homepage of the European Center for the Development of Vocational training


To view a report on good practices in preventing ESL and examples of country specific good practices in  Compensatory Education  click on the following link:


To Review a summary of causes of dropout for Roma students see UNICEF Organization Romania


 PUM-Project Learning for young adults is a good practice  of educational programmes developed in Slovenia for prevention of ESL and an EU awarded compensatory (second chance) programme. Click below to read about it on their website:


Also click below for an elaborated  PDF description


Some programmes aim to  build capacity of youth workers and youth organizations to use non-formal education methods that will help youth not fall from education, labour market and society. Click the link below for a brief review:


Educational Resources

In this section, you will find links that provide the following information:
(a) A host of Teaching Lessons and Activities  for inclassroom handling of topics on Discrimination, Power Reflection, Privelege Reflection, Inhrent Human-Dignity, Human Rights Awareness  and Inclusion 
(b) Funding for North-South/South North Exchange of Teacher Expereinces (Anbahnungsreisen)

Teaching lessons and Activities 




Funding for International Exchange of Teaching Expereinces (The Anbahnungsreisen Program)


The following links below provide a host of important pedagogical information. For instance, Bildung-neu-denken provides specialized information regarding inclusion within the school context.