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Course Announcements

Here, you will find announcements for future PREDIS Blended-Leaning Courses. For this, the following StudIP platform will be used for exchanging materials, opinions, experiences and ideas. 


It was used for the implementation of the Blended-Learning Course during PREDIS with 68 participants, as well.

The procedure is the follwing: Please write an Email to Dr. Norah Barongo-Muweke (barongo-muweke@idd.uni-hannover.de) before the course starts. She will add you to the course and provide you with additional information. Afterwards, you can log into the StudIP Course.

During implementation, you get support via the platform and - if arranged - via phone and personal meeting.

The following documents gives all those interested some instructions and descriptions for using Stud-IP and participating in the course.

This first document "Instructions using Stud.IP" provides you with instructions on how to use Stud.IP

The second document "PREDIS COURSE OUTLINE" outlines the main objectives and contents of the BLC.

The third document "PREDIS PARTICIPATION GUIDE ONLINE BLC" describes the structure of the BLC in detail.

Finally, the document "PREDIS C-KEY TERMS FOR THE BLC" is a small index of abbreviations.